In casino en ligne, skillful players have always been dominated by a lust for getting ahead of everyone else. And once again after years of research and analysis, Microgaming came up with another category of Video Poker. This time they enhanced the payout structure for you by introducing the: Level Up Video Poker:

To make things interesting, level up video poker operates on the principle of dependency or correlation. The levels are normally accessible for play, one at a time. You don't have the option of 'jumping' in on another level. Also you have to prove yourself as a winner in the preceding level to advance to the next level.

Your levels after being won generate a certain payout on a preset rate. For example, in 3rd level of online video poker, your payout quadruples. The amount is still not actually handed over to you as long as you don't qualify for the 4th level and win it too.

The 4th level of video poker is the most interesting level with cumulative payout of 8X. Winning this round will give you a reward of 8 Times the original payout PLUS all payouts from previous rounds you just won.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of online level up video poker is the free ride card. Sometimes you are in the middle of a sticky situation and suddenly the free ride card appears besides your hand. This card will ride you to the next level EVEN though you didn't clear the previous one.

As far as the payout is concerned, it will be laid out in accordance to your winnings. So join the meilleur casino en ligne today!